Real Show

Seven recent college graduates are set loose around Europe as part of a reality TV show but, as the producers push them farther into a deadly game of one-upmanship for ratings, they begin doing anything, no matter how dangerous or bizarre, to become the star of the show.

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A wildly successful reality show producer’s world begins unraveling when his wife goes missing and he thinks he’s the reason why.  And, when he finds out that he’s not a producer, but an actor on a far more nefarious show, he must do everything he can to survive the final episode. 

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A neurotic Los Angeles schoolteacher becomes tangled in shadowy street racing circuit controlled by a powerful Mexican Cartel, and his only escape is a winner-takes-all confrontation on the streets of southern California with the cartel’s boy-king leader, who also happens to be his favorite student. 

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When two desperate people, on the verge of entering doomed marriages, meet online and attend a secret, elaborate rave together, little do they know that their psychotic partners will be waiting there to torture and kill them. 

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The Twitter novel based on FAC(ad)E